VM Hydro Informatics

Varuna Mitra Hydro Informatics monitors the current status of the watershed and their water bodies. The status of watershed and water bodies is presented as volumetric and flow data. The status also displays if any abnormal situations and threshold violations have occurred in the watershed.

VM Hydro Dynamics

Varuna Mitra Hydro Dynamics is the digital model of run-off processes that simulate the way the run-off phenomenon works with sufficient precision and accuracy. Varuna Mitra Hydro Dynamics helps in predictive analysis and confident decision-making.

VM Hydro Analytics

Varuna Mitra Hydro Analysis performs accurate comparative analysis of volume and flow data between actual, predicted and best case scenarios. Varuna Mitra Hydro Analysis helps to identify the cause of problems and perform what-if analysis to identify the solutions for the problem.

Illustrative Works

Monitor Watershed Status

Utility engineer monitors the volumetric and flow data in the watershed

Analyze the Watershed

Utility engineer analyzes the Watershed

Perform What-if Analysis

Utility Engineer performs what-if analysis to identify solutions for watershed problems

Threshold Violation - Alerts

Engineer receives alert on threshold violations

Monitor Industry Water Channel

Industry engineer monitors water channel status

Land Use Change Analysis

Town Planning Engineer performs land use change Analysis to see impact on watershed

Illustrative Clients

  • Urban Planners
  • Infrastructure Developers
  • Industries
  • Communities