Water Utility is responsible for managing the watershed and water bodies under its jurisdiction. Varuna-Mitra helps the utility engineers to perform predictive water management both at the watershed and water body level

Varuna-Mitra enables the utility engineer to perform predictive water management by providing the following key functionality
1. View current status of watershed and water bodies
2. Perform Analysis (Volumetric and flow) for abnormal situations
3. Perform What-if analysis to identify potential solutions
4. Receive notification for abnormal situations

Utility engineer performs what-if analysis to understand the impact of specific run-off management measures. Engineer performs the volume and flow analysis and identifies that variance between best case scenario and actuals is higher than threshold. What-if analysis enables the engineer to try different possible solutions for the issues in watershed.

Varuna-Mitra displays the watershed model to the engineer. It consists of satellite Imagery, land Use representation, flow network and water body simulation. Varuna Mitra also provides a WYSIWYG editor using which utility engineer can propose structural changes. Varuna-Mitra Hydro Dynamics solution provides mechanism to simulate these proposed structural changes on the watershed and assess its impact.

Utility Engineer could simulate the following potential solutions to address run-off problems
1. Straw base barrier
2. Sediment barrier
3. Check dams
4. Terrain-ing
5. Detention Ponds
6. Infiltration tranches or basis

What-if analysis is performed for selected precipitation date or duration. Varuna-Mitra presents a 3d view modelling which includes both Volume data and Flow Data. Comparison between Model (best estimate and current land use) and actual readings are displayed graphically. This data is also compared against the thresholds

The what-if analysis functionality is depicted in the flow below

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