Varuna Mitra Hydro Informatics (VMHI)

Varuna Mitra Hydro Informatics solution helps the utility engineers and other staff to get the status of the watershed and water body. The solution collects, archives and displays the volumetric and flow data in the watershed and water body. This solution facilitates collection, archival and display of latest status and for a specific duration / precipitation as selected by the user.

Varuna Mitra notifies the user of the occurrence of a situation or an unexpected behaviour in form of VM Events and VM Alarms. VM Events notify the occurrence of a special situation. Threshold violations due to specific situations will fall into this category. Events vary with importance levels (low, high and medium). VM Alarms notify the occurrence of an un-expected behaviour. Alarms vary in severity (Minor, Major and Critical). Alarms are caused due to the difference in Expected and Actual Volume/Flow Data and the difference in Expected and Actual Flow path changes. Varuna Mitra notifies the concerned engineer on either Varuna Mitra(UI) or phone(SMS) on the occurrence of VM Event or VM Alarm.

At watershed level, Varuna Mitra
1. Displays the watershed graphically along with its water bodies
2. Displays watershed level data - Precipitation, temperature...
3. Dispays Water body volumetric data
4. Displays Stream network and flow data
5. Displays flow and volume alerts.

At water body level, Varuna Mitra
1. Displays the Water body graphically along with streams, inlets...
2. Displays water body level data - flow, stage, volume...
3. Displays water body specific flow and volume alerts

Hydro Informatics component facilitates statistical reporting on volume, flow data and Hydrographs. Hydro Informatics component facilitates generating the Mean, Percentiles and Variability reports for volume and flow data.

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