Water Utility is responsible for managing the watershed and water bodies under its jurisdiction. Varuna-Mitra helps the utility engineers to perform predictive water management both at the watershed and water body level

Varuna-Mitra enables the utility engineer to perform predictive water management by providing the following key functionality
1. View current status of watershed and water bodies
2. Perform Analysis (Volumetric and flow) for abnormal situations
3. Perform What-if analysis to identify potential solutions
4. Receive notification for abnormal situations

Utility engineer is presented with a dashboard of the watershed and water body after authentication and selecting the appropriate water zone for which utility manager has jurisdiction. The dashboard displays the current status of watershed which includes
1. Watershed graphical display along with water bodies
2. Watershed level data display - Precipitation, temperature...
3. Water body volume data displayed
4. Stream network , Flow data
5. View of flow and volume alerts

The dashboard also displays the current status of water bodies
1. Water body display, streams, inlets...
2. Water body level data display flow, stage, volume...
3. Water body specific flow and volume alerts

Utility engineer views the volume data or a volume alert and triggers the volumetric analysis. The Volumetric Analysis is provided for chosen criteria.
1. Precipitation Date
2. Duration (No of Days. E.g. July 2013)
3. From base line ( E.g. 1-Mar-2013) till date

Utility engineer views the Flow data in the watershed or flow alert and triggers flow analysis. The flow analysis is provided for chosen criteria
1. Precipitation Date
2. Duration
3. From Baseline

The watershed, water body monitoring functionality is depicted in the flow below

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