Town planning Engineer is responsible for providing and approving solutions for land use needs in communities. Town planning engineer has to ensure that the land use changes proposed are not detrimental to the watershed. Varuna-Mitra provides tools to assess the impact of a proposed solution on the watershed and to identify solutions to problems caused by land use changes in the watershed.

Varuna-Mitra enables Town Planning engineer to perform land use change analysis by providing the following key functionality
1. Digitize the current watershed and water bodies
2. Simulate the land use change proposal on the watershed using WYSIWYG editor
3. Perform analysis to understand the impact of the proposed land use change
4. Perform what-if analysis to identify alternative solutions

Varuna Mitra provides a digitized view of the watershed and the land use in the watershed. Varuna-Mitra helps the engineer to view the status of the watershed and water bodies with the existing land use. The volumetric data, flow data and threshold violations could be viewed for this watershed and for existing land use.

Varuna-Mitra provides a WYSIWYG editor to digitize the land use change proposal as per community needs. Varuna-Mitra provides mechanism to analyse the impact of proposed changes. The impact of the proposed land use change on the watershed can be analysed.

Town planning engineer can create what-if scenarios on top of proposed land use changes using Varuna-Mitra. Town planning engineer can check the impact of the what-if scenario on the proposed solution.

Varuna-Mitra enables Town planning engineer to ensure that detrimental impact of watershed due to land use changes are avoided. Varuna-Mitra enables Town Planning Engineer by
1. Identifying the impact of prosed land use changes
2. Identifying alternate land use solutions that has minimal impact to watershed

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