Water Utility is responsible for managing the watershed and water bodies under its jurisdiction. Varuna-Mitra helps the utility engineers to perform predictive water management both at the watershed and water body level

Varuna-Mitra enables the utility engineer to perform predictive water management by providing the following key functionality
1. View current status of watershed and water bodies
2. Perform Analysis (Volumetric and flow) for abnormal situations
3. Perform What-if analysis to identify potential solutions
4. Receive notification for abnormal situations

Varuna-Mitra supports collecting of Hydro Informatics data from In-Situ sensors. These sensors can exist in real-mode or virtual-mode. In real-mode, the sensor starts collecting the data from field and sends to the Varuna-Mitra server. The Sensor can be connected to Varuna-Mitra server directly or through a proxy/gateway. In virtual-mode, the sensor does not send real data and is simulated in Varuna-Mitra Hydro Model.

This flow starts after the engineer enables the sensor to real-mode. Depending on the frequency set by utility engineer, the sensor wakes up at the designated time and collects the information it is designated to measure. Sensor remotely sends the data through a gateway or directly to the Varuna-Mitra server.

Varuna-Mitra server receives the data from sensor and this data is validated and persisted. Varuna-Mitra server checks for occurrence of a special situation (VM Event) or unexpected behaviour (VM Alarm).

VM Events: Events notify occurrences of special situation. Threshold violations due to specific situations will fall into this category. Events vary with importance levels ( low, high, medium)

VM Alarms: Alarms notify occurrence of un-expected behaviour. Alarms vary in severity (Minor, Major and Critical). Alarms are caused due to difference in
a. Expected to Actual Volume/Flow Data
b. Expected to Actual Flow path changes

Varuna Mitra delivers the events and alarms on either based on configuration from utility engineer.
1. Varuna-Mitra (UI)
2. Phone (SMS)

The Receive notification functionality is depicted in the flow below

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